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Here at Edinburgh Communications, we believe in keeping things simple. No technobabble, no gobbledygook and definitely no high pressure sales nonsense!

As a team of highly qualified and experienced network specialists, we have been delivering quality, affordable, "fit for purpose" solutions to our clients since early 2014.

By gaining a deep understanding of how our clients' businesses operate, we work together, building the relationship to ensure we deliver the right solution.

Ian presenting at one of our Network Symposium events: How we collaborate with partners to deliver UK wide network services

Most of our team have over 20 years experience in ICT roles. Ian, our founder and MD, is the most experienced, having got into technology in the late 80's with an engineering and communications role in the RAF. The rest of the team got to know Ian over the years as customers, colleagues and suppliers, and decided it would be a pretty good idea to work together.

Did we mention how passionate we are about ICT networking? We really are, and think we have had this validated by our clients. For example, we have been working with The Edinburgh Academy since early 2016 as their network advisers. That trust and the ongoing chance to work together on projects makes everything we do worthwhile.

Please go to our Services page if you would like to learn more about what we do.