Continuity In The Cloud


Remote Desktop

Public Cloud

Private & Bespoke

Our remote, virtual desktop solution allows for a consistent experience from anywhere, on low power devices.

Cloud based Windows 10 desktop capable of running all your existing applications. Access business services from personal devices without VPN or compromising security. Perfect for home working, just login in and go.

With a wide range of options and no commitment, services are simply accessed through a web browser. Alternatively, download applications to a PC to use offline or mobile device to keep you productive on the move.

Public services such as Microsoft's Office 365 is a flexible solution and good first step onto the cloud ladder.

Having trouble finding the solution that makes the grade? That's when it's time to get in touch.

From dedicated hosted hardware to flexible compute & storage, real time replication and backup, our technical specialists build solutions to meet your distinct needs at any given moment, whatever the circumstances.