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Cisco Business Architecture

Congratulations to Johanna Pedraza, our dynamic and ever-energetic business analyst! Johanna completed the course and passed the exam to become a Cisco Business Architecture Analyst. Quite the achievement considering her multi-role working life; Johanna is a homemaker, mother to two toddlers, Internet blogger, and business analyst, not to mention her distinguished career in virology and biomedical science!

Johanna's infectious enthusiasm has assisted her in all of her roles, but it took some channeling to get her through the in-depth Cisco exam. A virtual workspace environment helps with the omnipresent time management requirements, but the additional study necessary was far from easy to fit in!

"It was a challenge to study with these two around(!) but it was great to learn how different parts of a company can work with Cisco technologies to improve efficiency and entrepreneurship."

The Cisco Business Architecture track is perfectly matched to Johanna's outgoing personality and broad skill set. In particular, the business acumen and entrepreneurship she possesses are key facets that a CBAA would utilise in engaging with our customers. Designed to train IT professionals to help lead organisations through digital transformation, the CBA program imparts skills that bridge the gap between technology solutions and critical business needs.

To find out how Johanna and the team can help transform your business through technology, call us on 0131 608 0095