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Cisco Meraki: Enterprise Class Networking, Without the Outlay


Simplified deployment, easier management, enterprise class quality.

As IT infrastructure people, at one time another, we've had to select and buy networking hardware. The dilemma that used to bug us the most was dealing with the ever present trade-off between cost and future-proofing. On the one hand, we wanted to buy the most robust and advanced kit we could, but on the other, we were asking ourselves how long before it would be obsolete. We also found that the more advanced the product, the greater the expertise needed to operate it.

No networking certifications needed

What began as an area for specialists only, is now accessible to businesses with all levels of IT expertise. With the Cisco Meraki suite of products, you can manage the entire network from anywhere via a secure web portal. Deploying couldn't be simpler either - only the serial number and an Internet connection are necessary to get things going.

Common sense pricing

Cisco Meraki provide latest generation hardware, with a pricing model that better matches how us IT teams operate. After a nominal charge for the bare metal, you purchase the right to use it via a subscription. This way, the you control the product life cycle process. Spreading the cost over the usage period can help too.

Reduced configuration & troubleshooting

Cisco Meraki devices work, plainly and simply. With an MX security device at each location, you can set up a secure multi-site WAN with just a few clicks. And with the single "pane of glass" console, you can see detailed performance and security alerts at-a-glance. Deploying a wireless LAN is also quick and easy. Just connect all your APs, and let the cloud-based algorithm configure all of them automatically. No need to invest in expensive and complicated controller devices.

  • Save the team budget - no need for a resident network engineer

  • Avoid training expenses - manage the entire network from one intuitive GUI

  • Shorten implementation time - just add the devices to your account and plug in

  • Satisfy internal compliance - Content filtering and Layer 7 firewall give you complete visibility & control

Find out how Cisco Meraki makes managing your infrastructure simple by calling us on 0131 608 0095