• Ian Spooner

VoIP for Recruitment

If you’re an owner or manager of a recruitment business, keep reading.

Is it possible to improve your recruitment agency through a phone system?

Edincomm has an exclusive agreement to deliver an international VoIP platform, ideally suited for recruitment agencies.

VoIP is the buzzword for many organisations looking at their telecoms setup, in truth, few are a one size fits all solution. Here we will look at some key features that will instantly add value.


Every business uses myriad of software, such as Microsoft, Zoom & CRM providers.

Our hosted VoIP platform will empower your team to see everything from one pane of glass, even their texts and WhatsApp messages. They simply open up their phone on the desktop and have everything at their disposal. If a client calls, their screen will pop up, and tell them who’s calling, when they last called and who they previously spoke to. They can even listen to previous calls if given permission. All whilst logging the information in your CRM.

So is 2022 the year to embrace a fully integrated solution?

Our hosted phone system empowers your team to conduct business securely from anywhere, on any connected device.

With over 200,000 satisfied clients on our platform, we assure high levels of quality, reliability and support (from a real person!).

Meet, interview, call and record information on a single platform.

Like to know more? Please get in touch.

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