Multi - Layer Security


In The Cloud

At The Perimeter

On The Device

Our cloud based security solution is the first line of defence, utilising advanced A.I. technology.

With the major advantage of integrating into any system, there is no need for the replacement of existing hardware, requiring no more than a few changes by our technical specialists to be up and running. 

All our firewalls come with Intruder Detection & Prevention as well as Deep Packet Inspection, monitoring 

exactly what traffic is traversing your network. Additional web filtering and malware protection is also available.

A firewall is a vital piece of equipment on any network but many lack crucial security features.

Despite out best efforts, security can still be circumvented. Staff members use of USB drives for example.

Our desktop management software comes with advanced Virus & Malware protection, scanning all data from all sources. Patch management further reduces risk and email alerts enables us to quickly react to threats.