Flexible Telephony Solutions


On Site Telephony

Hosted Telephony

Low Cost To Entry

Hosted is not always the desired solution. Hotels for example might have only analogue cabling. 

It would be relatively expensive and inconvenient to re-cable large establishments. Our on-site VoIP solutions offer the advantages of low call and line costs while utilising existing cabling and often handsets.

Make the most of your existing Internet connection and LAN infrastructure to connect to our system, whether a single office or multiple sites. Remote workers can take advantage of either physical handsets, soft phones or mobile App.

Our VoIP service offers a fully featured, high availability telephony system hosted in our datacentres.

With no need to purchase, install or maintain on-site hardware, hosted VoIP is incredibly cost effective. 

With the flexibility to enable only the features you require as and when you need them, costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Our technical specialists can advise on the solution & features that best suit your needs.